Why The OC Nest?

The OC Nest will save you up to tens of thousands of dollars without sacrificing service. 

Once .you have identified your dream home, you will contact The OC Nest and we will take it from there and help you to get the home of your dreams. 


What's the difference?

Other big companies like Redfin may offer you a much smaller rebate along with many points of contact making the margin for error more probable.

Whereas, your typical Realtors have been trained to do business like it's always been done and offer mediocre service with no rebate.

We are NOT a discount Broker where we leave you to do the work on your own or pass you off to different departments. This is a FULL SERVICE real estate agency that is an advocate for homeownership. We are here to help anyone buy real estate.

At The OC Nest you get to work with an experienced Broker who will hold your hand through the entire process. This is one of the largest purchases in your life, BUY SMART and hire someone who will represent you AND protect your money. 


We rely strictly on referrals, which means we have to perform exceptional customer service.

We pride ourselves on GIVING!

Other Realtors solicit and litter your neighborhoods with marketing & pictures of themselves. Whereas, we would rather invest in you. We put our $ back into your transaction and help you to save money and buy the home of your dreams.

We are so confident that our service will serve you and your family, that we built our business model around you and how we can help other people like you to become homeowners too!